As easy as 1, 2, 3…

Podcasting is rapidly becoming a serious force in the way we consume audio. Podcasts are already doing for radio what Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer (and all the other online video platforms) have done for television – and that trend is set to continue. 

According to this 2018 study from Edison Research:

  • 48 million Americans (17% of those over 12) now listen to podcasts weekly
  • podcasts account for 33% of the total audio they listen to
  • in-car listening is growing

Whether you're a Podcaster who just needs a few "liners" or intros, someone to bring your script to life, or a turnkey Podcast production service, I can help. Here are three options…


1. Podcast Intros & Outros

Think about it: the best Podcasts usually start with a great intro. The intro Voiceover is the very first voice your listeners will hear when they click play – and how good it sounds makes a huge difference to whether they'll keep on listening (see below).


A great intro makes the difference between sounding cheap and sounding professional; between being memorable and being "meh". 

Here's an example of a Podcast Intro from a few years ago, from a client you may have heard of…

And here's one created for a client by one of my Podcast production partners, Paddle Productions:

And here are three very good reasons for starting strong… research conducted by NPR in America suggests:

  • a typical podcast episode loses 20-35 percent of the listening audience in the first five minutes
  • a mediocre episode with a good introduction will almost always perform better than a great episode with a poor intro
  • only established shows with loyal followings can overcome uninteresting or non-engaging beginnings

So, why risk putting anything less than your best foot forward? After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression…


2. Podcast Hosting & Presentation

Not every expert is the best at conveying their thoughts in spoken form – and we already know that subscribers will stop listening if the audio isn't up to scratch. I'm a firm believer in the idea of "do what you can do well, then outsource the rest".

Even if your presenter is great, recording them in an office or meeting room (or in anything less than a custom-built studio) immediately shows through. Listening on smart speakers and in cars may be growing, but most of your audience will be listening on headphones, where background noise and dodgy acoustics are much more noticeable and intrusive.


A professional Presenter or Host brings your Podcast to life and helps elevate things to broadcast quality. I work from a purpose-built studio, complete with top grade microphones and equipment. Plus I'm highly skilled at sight-reading (an essential skill if your Podcast has a tight production schedule). And with almost thirty years in radio and TV behind me, both as a Voice Talent and Producer – including a decade with the BBC World Service – I'm confident that I can help you sound better…


3. Full Service Podcast Production


If you're not an audio professional, then perhaps you're beginning to realise you've bitten off more than you can comfortably chew in your new role as a Podcaster. Fortunately, that's no problem: sometimes what you need is a turnkey service that takes your Podcast from concept to creation – including sound design, hosting and distribution.

If what you really need is a full Podcast production service then I'll be happy to connect you with my partners, who can talk you through every stage of the process.

Between us, we'll get you up and running faster than you can say "here's a quick word from our sponsor…"


Whatever you need to create your Podcast, I'm here to help.
Get in touch, and let's make something great together!